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At SALA Listing&Investment, we pride ourselves on our extensive track record of success

With over 3000+ potential buyers in our impressive buyer pool, we are constantly on the lookout for the perfect match for your property. Each week, we make 20+ offers, ensuring that we leave no stone unturned in finding the right buyer for your investment. Our deep connections with top Bay Area buyer agents give us a distinct edge in the market, allowing us to stay ahead of the game and secure the best deals for our clients. We have the privilege of serving 200+ families, significantly impacting their lives by providing them with the perfect property solutions.

SALA Investment
SALA Listing&Investment

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Meet Our Team.

SALA Homes Senior Listing Specialist, Realtor, CA. double master's degree background in US science and technology. Handled over 200 real estate transactions

Kathy Wu

Kathy Wu

SALA Homes Senior Listing Specialist.
California Realtor, Real Estate Supernova, 60+ Homes Sold in One Year

Sunny Sun

Sunny Sun

SALA Investment Team Leader, Chief Investment Officer of AlphaX RE Capital, a one-stop real estate investment platform in the Bay Area, and VP of Beta Education Resource, an educational resource sharing non-profit organization.

Jane Lin

Jane Lin

Founder of SALA Homes/RateDNA and Partner of AlphaX Property Fund. Veteran real estate investor and loan specialist. Realtor in California and Arizona.

Lisa Gao

Lisa Gao

Founder of AlphaX RE Capital, SALA Homes, and Hestia development. Real estate entrepreneur specializing in researching and analyzing investment opportunities in frontier markets.

Stephanie Yi

Stephanie Yi

As a Partner of AlphaX, Lily has more than 20 years of real estate investing experience in China and US.

Lily Cui

Lily Cui


Help Clients Sell House of $230M+ from 2020 to Present

SALA Investment Sell Houses

80% Target South Bay

65% Target Peninsula

50% Target East Bay

30% Target Tri-Valley

80% of buyers have buying power of 2m+

01.Diverse buyer base

01.Diverse Buyer Base


Why Choose Us

We offer beautiful interior staging, high-end photo shootings and 3D tours, advertisements on social media, repairs to a move-in-ready condition, and smart pricing strategies to ensure that your property is competitively priced, attracting serious buyers and driving up demand.

The secret of success

The Secret of Success

Since 2020, we have consistently helped our clients sell houses for $236M+. We also made over $200M in transaction volume annually. Our proven strategies and in-depth market knowledge ensure that our sellers get the best possible returns on their investments, making the selling process seamless and rewarding.

Competitive advantages

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